Bayan-Ulgii Province


Western Mongolia Tours was founded by Nurbolat Len and is based in Ulgii, a major town with a population of 30 thousand which lies within the Bayan-Ulgii Aimag (Province) of Western Mongolia.


Bayan-Ulgii is home to the largest ethnic minority in Mongolia, the Kazakh people, who have their own language and unique culture. Bayan–Ulgii is also home to other ethnic groups such as the Uriankhai, Dörvöd, Khalkha, Tuva and Khoshuud.   


Bayan-Ulgii is a must visit area for any adventurous traveller, boasting spectacular scenery, pristine lakes and river valleys and the high mountain ranges of the Altai. Mount Khuitin is Mongolia’s highest mountain standing at 4374 and is situated in the beautiful and majestic Tavan Bogd National Park, home to Mongolia’s largest glacier, Potanin, which is 19km long. Tavan Bogd is only one of four magnificent National Parks in this area, each one offering their own unique charm.


The Kazakh people, renowned for maintaining their traditional cultural ways, also practice the ancient art of Eagle Hunting. There are two annual Golden Eagle Festivals held in Sagsai and Ulgii that provide spectacular and colourful entertainment.


Bayan-Ulgii has much to offer the adventurous and intrepid tourist; spectacular and rugged scenery in an authentic wilderness environment, rich and vibrant cultural heritage, as well as an abundance of wildlife and a profusion of remnant archaeological remains, from Stone-Men, Deer-Stones and ancient burial chambers, are all to be found in this unique enclave of Mongolia. Bayan-Ulgii province is well worth a visit. 


Western Mongolia Tours is based in Bayan-Ulgii which is fully equipped to provide travellers with a variety of tours and services around Western Mongolia.  

So for the holiday of a lifetime in the majestic land of Western Mongolia, whether your interest is hiking, mountain climbing, horse riding, or just learning about the people who live here, please look at our tours and treat yourself to a unique experience which will be truly life changing. 


Our tour pricing is extremely competitive, whilst still ensuring a high-quality service delivery. Our team of specialist guides, cooks and our excellent and reliable drivers are all committed to ensuring that your holiday will always be remembered and cherished as something amazing!



                 Travel Western Mongolia to experience            a genuine wilderness and savour its natural beauty. 

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