Why choose Western Mongolia Tours?
  • We have well organised Western Mongolian tours and can also tailor tours to suit your own special requirements

  • We have excellent and experienced cooks who can cater for all tastes, including vegetarians

  • We have first rate knowledge of local customs, traditions and history

  • We have efficient and capable vehicles and top quality camping equipment

  • We care deeply for and respect the local people, their customs and way of life

  • We also care about our clients and we seek to ensure that they have a high quality holiday experience.

  • We also care for the eco system and constantly strive to ensure that our tours do not detrimentally affect the local natural environment.

About us

Nurbolat Len is the CEO and founder of Western Mongolia Tours. The company is located in the province of Bayan-Ulgii and was established  in 2014. Nurbolat is a local Kazakh, however, he was educated in Kazakhstan and he is multi-lingual, being proficient in Kazakh, Mongolian, Russian and English.

Nurbolat’s prime objective is to provide tourists with a first class, authentic and unique travel experience.

Nurbolat has been working within the tourist industry of Western Mongolia for six years and has consequently gained much knowledge and experience to ensure that visitors receive high quality of service.

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