Day 1. Arrive in Ulgii

You fly from UB to Ulgii, the main Kazakh town in the province of Bayan Ulgii, Western Mongolia. The Kazakh people are a national minority with their own language and unique culture. You will be met at the airport by your guide, your driver and your cook. From there, we will drive to nearby Lake Tolbo, a short drive South East of Ulgii. The famous Lake Tolbo is wonderful place to visit and you will be struck by the amazing scenery surrounding you. What a place to fish for Greyling, Lenok and Altai Osman. (Ger/lunch/dinner)


Day 2-3: Lake Tolbo

Today and the following day, you will fish the lake from a boat. Just relax in an environment, which in terms of scenery is simply stunning. In the evening you will sleep in a Ger and you will dine on local cuisine, as well as enjoy a concert performed by local musicians.  What an amazing start to your fishing holiday. (Ger/breakfast/lunch/dinner)


Day 4. River Chegirtay

Today we leave Lake Tolbo and drive to the river Chegirtay in the Blue Goat National Park and close to the village of Deluun. Here, you will get the opportunity to fish for Greyling. This evening you will sleep in a tent and your cook will prepare dinner. (Tent/breakfast/lunch/dinner)


Day 5, 6-7. Lake Khar Nuur

Today we will drive the 30km to Lake Khar Nuur, a beautiful place to set up camp. You will fish this lake from the bank and there is an opportunity to catch Grayling and Lenok in a genuinely wilderness environment where you will be surrounded by majestic natural beauty. (Tent/breakfast/lunch/dinner)



Day 8. Visit an Eagle Hunter

Today you will get to do something different. We will walk 5km to visit a Nomadic family and learn about their special way of life. You will get the opportunity to converse with an Eagle Hunter, an ancient and venerable hunting sport, unique to the Kazakh people. You will learn how the hunter catches and trains his bird and how it is used to hunt for local game; you may even get to hold one of these noble creatures. We will set up camp close by. (Tent/breakfast/lunch/dinner)


Day 9. Fishing in River

Today you will fish the local River which flows into the Khar Nuur Lake and is abundant in Greylings. Fly fishing or other fishing techniques are equally appropriate here. (Tent/breakfast/lunch/dinner)


Day 10. Return to Ulgii

Today we make the return journey to Ulgii, approximately 180km. In the evening you will stay in a nearby Ger Camp and enjoy a traditional Kazakh concert and feast on local cuisine, such as Besbarmak. (Ger/breakfast/lunch/dinner)


Day 11. Return to UB

Following breakfast we will transport you to the local airport to catch your flight back to the capital city Ulaanbaatar.

Fishing Tour

Mongolia is an exceptional place for fishing, with a plethora of fresh water lakes and rivers, teeming with fish. It is a joy for any serious Angler, to fish in pristine unpolluted waters with an abundance of fish, all of which are native to Mongolia, with no foreign introduced species. Lenok and Greyling are found in abundance all over the water systems of Western Mongolia. We practice a catch and release policy in order to be ecologically friendly and to preserve fish stocks.  

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