Day 1. Arrive in Ulgii


You will be met by your guide and cook and from the airport we will drive to Tavan Bogd National Park close to the spectacular Altai Mountains. We will stop for lunch on the way. At the Park Ranger Camp we will rendezvous with local Nomads who will assist us with their pack camels and horses. (tent/breakfast/lunch/dinner)


Day 2.  Trek to base camp


After breakfast and after we have loaded the pack animals with all our equipment we will set off for the Altai Mountains and the base camp 15km away. (tent/breakfast/lunch/dinner)


Day 3. Climbing Mount Malchin

Today you will have the opportunity to climb Mount Malchin, one of the five holy peaks of the Altai Mountain Range, Tavan Bogd. From the top you will be amazed by the stunning views. You will also get the opportunity you walk onto Mongolia’s largest glacier, Potanin. (tent/breakfast/lunch/dinner)


Day 4. Return to Ranger Station

Today we will set off back to the Ranger Station, where we can enjoy meeting with local Kazakh Nomads and learn something of their unique life and culture. Kazakh Nomads are renowned for their hospitality and friendliness. (tent/breakfast/lunch/dinner)


Day 5. Drive to Snake valley

Today we will drive to Snake valley through some of the most amazing scenery one can find anywhere in the world. We will drive over beautiful mountain passes in a landscape dotted with ancient burial sites, Deer Stones and Turkic Stonemen, known as Balbals. We will camp next to a mineral spring where there are many Deer Stones and Balbals to see. (tent/breakfast/lunch/dinner)


Day 6. Drive to Khoton and Khurgan Lakes

Today we will drive to the Sirgali area, home to two of the most stunning lakes in Mongolia, Lake Khoton and Khurgan. Here we will set up our camp and you will have the opportunity to explore ancient petroglyphs (rock carvings). (tent/breakfast/lunch/dinner)


Day 7. Walk to Baga Turgen Valley

Today we will walk up the beautiful Baga Turgen Valley, where we will set up camp near to a beautiful waterfall. Our vehicle will follow us. (tent/breakfast/lunch/dinner)


Day 8. Visiting a Kazakh family

Today we will begin our return journey, stopping off to stay and visit an Eagle Hunter and his family and learn all about the ancient Kazakh art of Eagle Hunting. You may even get to hold one of these remarkable birds. You will be introduced to Kazakh milk products, tasting their homemade cheese, yogurt and marvel at the intricate and beautiful embroidery of Kazakh women. (tent/breakfast/lunch/dinner)


Day 9. Return to Ulgii

Today we can get up early and walk to the nearby Tsambagarev Mountain and walk on to its glacier. In the afternoon we drive back to Ulgii and we will have time to visit some local attractions, like the museum, the bazaar, handicraft shops. In the evening you will stay in a nearby Ger camp and enjoy a traditional Kazakh singing and eat the local cuisine. (Ger/breakfast/lunch/dinner)


Day 10. Return to Ulaanbaatar

Following breakfast you will be taken to the airport for your return flight to Ulaanbaatar. (breakfast)


Jeep Tour & Mountin Climbing in the Altai 


The amazing Mount Khuiten, the highest of the ‘Five Holy Peaks’ of the Altai Mountain range, stands at 4,374 m and is the highest mountain in Mongolia. From the top you can see Russia, China, Kazakhstan and obviously, Mongolia itself. Nearby, also stands the peaks of Malchin, Naran, Ulgii, Niaramdal and Snowchurch. Below you stretches Mongolia’s largest glacier, Potanin, which you will traverse to get to the high camp of Mount Khuiten.  

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