Day 1. Arrive in Ulgii


You will be met at the airport by your guide and translator and be taken for lunch in the nearby town of Ulgii, the main Kazakh town of Bayan-Ulgii Province. After lunch you will have the opportunity to explore the local attractions: the museum, bazaar, handicraft shops and the Mosque. After this, you will retire to a local Ger Camp and enjoy an evening meal of local cuisine. (Ger/lunch/dinner)


Day 2. Drive to Tavan Bogd National Park


Following breakfast we will drive to the White River Valley in Tavan Bogd National Park. The White River Valley is the summer residence of the Tuvan People and is overlooked by their sacred mountain, Mount Shiveet. The valley is full of ancient burial sites and petroglyphs, testimony to ancient habitation of this isolated region. Here we will also meet up with local Tuva Nomads who will provide us with pack animals.(Tent/breakfast/lunch/dinner)


Day 3. Trek to Tavanbogd  Base Camp


Following breakfast and after we have loaded all our gear on pack animals (camels and horses); we will walk to the base camp, 2900m above sea level. This walk takes us through some amazing mountainous terrain where we will no doubt see plenty of local wildlife from marmots, which inhabit this area in abundance, to birds of prey like falcons or perhaps even the Golden Eagle. (Tent/breakfast/lunch/dinner)


Day 4. Ascent to High Camp


Following breakfast we will set off to climb Mount Malchin, which stands at 4050m and is the smallest of the ‘Five Holy Peaks'. From the base camp we will make our way along the glacier for about an hour until we reach the base of the mountain. The climb is non-technical and can easily be carried out by a reasonably fit, but inexperienced person. From the top you will enjoy stunning views over the Altai Range with the Potanin Glacier stretching out below you. (Tent/breakfast/lunch/dinner)  


Day 5. Advanced Base Camp


Today we will traverse Potanin Glacier as we make our way up to the High Camp at 3500m. Here, we will set up our tents for the night and prepare for the next morning and the final ascent of Mount Khutin, always weather permitting of course.(Tent/breakfast/lunch/dinner)


Day 6. The Peak


We will climb the final stage to reach the peak of Mount Khuiten. A number of crevasses are to be negotiated before reaching the summit and care must be taken, even if the climb itself is technically moderate. However, upon reaching the summit, the views are breathtaking, the vista over the Altai Mountain Range is stunning and you can see all the way to Russia, China and Kazakhstan. We will be able to return all the way to the advanced  base camp today.  (Tent/breakfast/lunch/dinner)  


Day 7. Mount Nairamdal


If the weather has been kind to us and we have climbed Mt Khuiten in our schedule time then we can also climb Mount Nairamdal too. This mountain, which means friendship, is 4180m and is one of the 'Holy Five'. We will start early and be able to climb this mountain and return to base camp within the one day. (Tent/breakfast/lunch/dinner)   


Day 8. Walk to the Oigyr Valley


Today we will walk the 15 kilometers to the Ranger Station and meet with our drivers. (Tent/breakfast/lunch/dinner)   


Day 9. Drive to Blue Hill Village


Today we will drive to Blue Hill Village, along the way we will get the opportunity to see ancient stone petroglyphs and just relax and enjoy this amazing wilderness environment. You will get the chance to meet and talk with an Eagle Hunter and learn from him about this ancient Kazakh tradition of hunting with Golden Eagles. (Tent/breakfast/lunch/dinner)


Day 10. Return to Ulgii


Today we make our return journey to Ulgii which should take around five hours. Tonight you will stay in a traditional Ger and have the pleasure of a hot shower and then be entertained with a Kazakh concert before tucking into some traditional cuisine. (Ger/breakfast/lunch/dinner)


Day 11. Return to UB


After breakfast you will be transported to the local airport to get your flight back to the capital city Ulaanbaatar. (Breakfast)  

Mountain climbing in the Altai 


The amazing Mount Khuiten, the highest of the ‘Five Holy Peaks’ of the Altai Mountain range, stands at 4,374 m and is the highest mountain in Mongolia. From the top you can see Russia, China, Kazakhstan and obviously, Mongolia itself. Nearby, also stands the peaks of Malchin, Naran, Ulgii, Niaramdal and Snowchurch. Below you stretches Mongolia’s largest glacier, Potanin, which you will traverse to get to the high camp of Mount Khuiten.  

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