Day 1. Tsagaan Gol Valley

Arrive in Ulgii where you will be met by your guide, cook and driver. You will be driven to Tavan Bogd National Park through the magnificent wilderness scenery of Western Mongolia, stopping for lunch on the way. Within the shadow of Shiveet Khairkhan, the sacred mountain of the Tuvan people, where many Tuvan nomads live, we will set up camp. (lunch/dinner/tent). 200km


Day 2. Base Camp

Today we walk the 15km to the base camp at the Potanin Glacier in the shadow of Tavanbogd, (The Holy Five) referring to the five highest peaks in Mongolia, the highest being Mount Khuiten at 4374. Here we will set up camp,  before setting foot on the glacier. (breakfast,lunch,dinner,tent)


DAY 3: Tsagaan Gol Valley

We walk back to the Tsagaan Gol valley, which is the summer home of the Tuvan people, an ethnic minority with their own language. The Tuvan people are Buddhist, but they also practice Shamanism. You will have an opportunity to meet these fascinating people and perhaps sample their dairy products, including milk vodka, which is distilled from Yaks milk. (breakfast/lunch/dinner)


Day 4. Khara Airykh Valley

Today we walk to the Khara Airykh Valley.

Today we will hike along Khara Airykh Valley, where another tribe of Tuvan people have their summer residence. Visit them and get acquainted with their culture.

(breakfast/lunch, dinner/tent)


Day 5. Bear Valley

The crossing of the Altai Mountain Range, the total distance being some 32km. This area is the home of the elusive Snow Leopard and also the Altai Snowcock, the highest altitude living bird in Mongolia. We will cross over the Altai at 3600 meters, close to the peak of Tsagaan Hairhan Uul standing at 3662m and be truly amazed at the stunning views. From the pass, we will trek down to the valley known colloquially, as Bear Valley.(breakfast,lunch/dinner/tent)


Day 6. Green lake

On this day we trek the 16km to the wonderous Green Lake, where we will set up camp and enjoy our evening meal. (breakfast,lunch,dinner, tent)


Day 7. Jagashtai River and Hoton Lake

After breakfast we set off to trek up Jagashtai River valley, enjoying the stunning and magnificent views, arriving late in the day at Khoton Lake; here we will camp. Many Nomadic families have their summer pasture at the lake which is full of Mongolian Grayling, maybe a spot of fishing will result in our evening meal. (breakfast/lunch/dinner/tent)


Day 8. Hoton Lake

After breakfast we set off to trek along the Hoton Lake, enjoying the stunning and magnificent views, arriving in the day at Hoton Lake; here we will camp. Many Nomadic families have their summer pasture at the lake which is full of Mongolian Grayling, maybe a spot of fishing will result in our evening meal. The views are stunning, snow-capped mountains, forests, all under an expanse of blue sky. Birdwatching opportunity. In the evening, we make bonfire. (breakfast/lunch/dinner)


Day 9. To Ulgii

Drive back to Ulgii, on the way you will see Stone man as well as ancient burial sites. This night you will dine on the traditional Kazakh meal of besbarmak (five fingers) and enjoy a Kazakh concert.Stay in a ger camp and have a hot shower.  

(breakfast/lunch/dinner/Ger camp)


Day 10. Fly to UB

After  breakfast we will transport you back to the airport to fly back to Ulaanbaatar. (breakfast)


Includes: English speaking guide, food (3 meals per day) and snacks, cook, packing horse or camels, all local transport, all Border and National park permits.


Excludes: Domestic flights, alcohol, laundry.


Trekking in Tavan Bogd National Park 


The Altai Mountains range is the highest in Mongolia and from the top you can see Russia, China and Kazakhstan. This area of year round snow-capped mountains is home to Kazakh and Tuvan Nomads. These nomadic people, although Mongolian citizens, have their own identity, language and religion. The Kazakh people are Muslim and the Tuvan people are Buddhists who also practice Shamanism. 

From the ranger camp we will trek to the base camp situated next to Mongolia's largest glacier, Potanin, where we will see Mount Khuiten. From the base camp we will continue our journey to the wonderous lakes of Khoton and Khurgan. Here we will visit local Kazakh herders and see their famed hunting Golden Eagles and enjoy their amazing hospitality.


You will fly from Ulaanbaatar to the provincial capital Ulgii, where you will be met at the airport by your guide. From there we start to travel to Tavan Bogd National Park by car, camping at the ranger station. The next day, in order to protect the environment, we will hike to the base camp with all luggage being transported by camel.

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